About This Project


Chrissann Nickel is a writer and digital marketing consultant who provides her freelance marketing & copywriting expertise to clients all over the world in a variety of industries who are looking to stand out and expand their reach.


As Chrissann’s business evolved, her website needed to evolve to match. We restructured her offerings, and updated the design so look professional and polished while maintaining the joy and playfulness her brand is known for.


Website: Chrissann Nickel


I put off revamping my website for too long because I didn’t want to do it myself anymore. Thank goodness I reached out and turned the project over to Amy. Not only did it get off my procrastination list, but she did a far more elegant + efficient job than I could have done myself. She’s easy to communicate ideas to, immediately grasping what you’re describing and executing it. I love how she can take a general concept that’s described to her and turn it into something creative and functional!