An online platform for a coach and master yoga instructor


Powerhouse Prana Yoga


Karissa Kocjancic


When we first met Karissa, she had a barely functioning website (which eventually crashed) started by a developer who disappeared (it happens all too often). Her online presence consisted of mainly an Instagram profile, a Linktree page, and an online scheduler. She needed website that worked, functionally and strategically.


Today, Karissa’s business has expanded to include not only powerful life coaching, but luxury women’s yoga retreats as well. Her website presents a professional showcase of the work she offers, which supports the growth of both her coaching and retreats.

Project Overview

Karissa started with the very beginnings of a coaching practice and only the barest essentials for an online presence.


We stepped in where her first developer left off to help her build a simple one-page website for the first iteration of her coaching business.


As sad stories go, that platform was “owned” by the first developer, so when it stopped working altogether Karissa had very little she could do to set it right.


This is where our Chapter 2 begins.


Karissa reached out again, and we built her a brand new website that she owns all access to, but that also reflects the evolution of her offerings.


Her business had expanded to reflect her own personal journey and growth, and was now incorporating her experience as a master yoga instructor with her expertise as a life coach.


We created a long-form home page to present the core information about Karissa’s mission, and the different options people have to work with her.


Each of the yoga retreat locations has a unique page, so that she can promote each individually and share the appropriate link in her marketing materials.


We created a booking system using Acuity – a platform she already used and was comfortable with – so that she an collect deposits without having to implement a complicated sales system.


And we simplified the backend systems so that Karissa can focus on her primary goal of selling spots for her upcoming retreats without a fancy funnel.


Now moving from the Startup stage into Traction, Karissa has a polished online presence and a dependable platform on which to continue to grow and evolve.


Amy is a chaotic creative entrepreneur’s dream. She has this gift of being able to take my words and organize them and present them in a way that I never could.


She slices through what isn’t necessary with consent and kind collaboration. Our calls are efficient and inspiring, resulting in work that I am proud to have helped produce.


Working with Amy has helped me elevate into my highest self by her willingness to see possibility every step of the way.


If you’re on the fence, don’t question it. Hire her. She is the missing piece your business and content creation has been in need of all along.


– Karissa Kocjancic