About This Project


Words That Move Me was founded by professional dancer Dana Wilson, who is now a certified life and career coach. The Words That Move Me Community (WTMMCOMM) has become THE PLACE movers and shakers go to navigate their careers with both clarity and confidence.


The WTMM brand was already established, yet needed its own platform. We separated the WTMM content from Dana’s personal website, and built an online shop and community membership portal as well as incorporating the WTMM podcast and 1:1 coaching offers.


Website: Words That Move Me


When I first started with Amy, I wanting to expand my website to cover the many facets of my business.


After working together, the geography of what I do is laid out crystal clear! My clients can schedule their 1:1s, my online shop looks and works great. And I have an opt-in to my mailing list and a free download!


I love Amy’s diligence, persistence, style of communication, and video tutorials!


To anyone on the fence about working with Amy, I say do it! She’s fast, easy, fun and thorough – my two websites were a big bite and she did a great job!