About This Project


Karissa Kocjancic is a Master Yoga Instructor and certified life coach. She has built her practice to include one-on-one and group coaching, and is expanding to offer women’s luxury yoga retreats.


We built her a new website to visually support the sense of healing she wants her clients to experience, as well as to promote her upcoming retreats. At the moment all her bookings are done through Acuity, so we’ve integrated consult calls with a deposit system for people to reserve their spot.


Website: Powerhouse Prana


Amy is a chaotic creative entrepreneur’s dream. She has this gift of being able to take my words and organize them and present them in a way that I never could.


She slices through what isn’t necessary with consent and kind collaboration. Our calls are efficient and inspiring, resulting in work that I am proud to have helped produce.


Working with Amy has helped me elevate into my highest self by her willingness to see possibility every step of the way.


If you’re on the fence, don’t question it. Hire her. She is the missing piece your business and content creation has been in need of all along.