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Rachel Hale


When Rachel accepted a position as Director of Marketing for a private seaplane charter, she knew there’d be one component that was critical to support her efforts: an effective website. Tropic Ocean Airways needed a complete redesign and rebuild, while their sister brand, COCO Bahama, needed to be built from scratch, starting from just a logo and a concept.


Both the TOA websites and COCO Bahama have been designed and launched, supporting both companies as they cement their position as leaders in the luxury travel market. Rachel, meanwhile, has struck out on her own, and we have designed a startup site for her own bespoke luxury marketing consultancy: The Hale Effect. 

Project Overview

Tropic Ocean Airways is an established player in the luxury seaplane charter space, but their online presence didn’t reflect their status.


When Rachel joined their team in late 2020 as their Director of Marketing, she knew a new website was in order.


We started with a total reorganization of the user experience and content, and a refresh of the aesthetic to match their luxury brand.


Once the Tropic Ocean Airways website was complete, we created a second website for their sister seaplane charter brand, COCO Bahama.


After two successful brand and platform launches, Rachel felt the pull to leverage her experience and strike out on her own, and so The Hale Effect came to be.


Rachel and I worked together to gather her years of experience with her impressive story and client list, culminating in a bespoke luxury marketing consultancy with an unparalleled level of service.


During my time as Director of Marketing for Tropic Ocean Airways and COCO Bahama Seaplanes, Amy was able to quickly capture the vision for both distinctly unique companies and the new websites we needed.


Amy clearly laid out her expectations so that we could begin from a place of transparency and trust. The Tropic website was a refresh/redo and the COCO Bahama Seaplanes site was essentially the birthing of a new brand.


Through a series of thoughtful questions, collaborative brainstorming and consultation, Amy nailed our vision and over delivered. While we had some unique requests, she was able to accommodate all of them to give the sites the look, feel, functionality and user experience we all desired.


I would HIGHLY recommend working with The Global Creator Studio and Amy for any and all website development projects. She’s my ace!


– Rachel Hale